GOAL Crushing Clays 2012

2015 Crushing Clays Junior Trap Championship

Cancelled for 2015 due to lack of sign ups. We hope to be back next year!


2014 Crushing Clays Junior Trap Championship

Thanks to everyone who came out, we had 65 of the finest Junior trap shooters in New England in attendance and they put on a great show!

Thanks as always to all of the people who make this great day possible, Chris Errington, the members of North Leominster Rod & Gun Club and all of our volunteers. Your efforts ensure a bright future for the shooting sports!

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We had a great group!

Winners proudly holding their trophies

Guesss which of these shooters broke 25 Straight?


2012 Jr. Crushing Clays Great Success

On Sunday, September 23, 2012 fifty junior trap shooters from all over the state turned out at the North Leominster Rod and Gun Club for GOAL’s 2012 Jr. Crushing Clays match. The match itself entailed fifty birds for record and scored via the Lewis class system.

The sun was shining on us, but the wind was throwing some tricky birds making for some challenging shooting. At the end of the fifty birds for score, young Russ Pearson, a clay breaking machine, was the high gun for the day with a score of 46! That was especially good shooting for a windy day. There were also several shoot-offs for the different rankings. All ties were determined in a sudden death style walk back. After each shot is taken the successful shooters move back a yard.

There was a three way tie for 2nd place “A” class that led to a very exciting and lengthy shoot-off.  Tanner Gariepy, Jeff Perez and Garret Sullivan all shot extraordinarily well.  All three had moved from the 16 yard line all the way back to the 25 until Tanner Gariepy finally broke an unanswered clay.  That left Jeff and Garret to shoot it out for 3rd place in “A” class.  The two young men continued on and made it back to the 27 yard line and shot ten more times from that position until Jeff Perez finally broke his unanswered clay for third place. The entire crowd was very impressed with all three youngster’s shooting and ability to maintain focus under the eyes of a crowd.

There were also shoot offs for 1st place “B” class between Ben Martell and Anna Rugerio.  Ben came out with a win. Two young ladies shot it out for 1st place “C” class; Cecelia Carabillo and Kaleigh Carey.  After several shots Cecelia eventually came out on top.  Will Poulan and Liam Downy Wall then faced off for 3rd place “C” class with Liam emerging as the winner.

Crushing Clays Champions

The day's champions! Congratulations all!

In all it was a fabulous day for all who attended.  It was also a tribute to the work that GOAL members have done all across the state. The fact that fifty youngsters, their families and coaches all came together for a great day at the range in the state of Massachusetts is a great testament.  

Thanks to everyone who took part in making this a safe and fantastic event.

Also, a special thank you goes out to Mike Pearson of the Southborough Rod & Gun Club for acting as match director. GOAL would also like to thank the North Leominster Rod & Gun Club and their many volunteers for once again hosting this event on their beautiful facility and making it a great success for the kids, coaches and parents.

High Gun             Russ Pearson - 46

2nd A Class         Tanner Gariepy - 45

3rd A Class          Jeff Perez - 45

1st Class B           Ben Martell - 41

2nd Class B          Anna Rugerio - 41

3rd Class B           Ken Martin - 40

1st Class C           Cecelia Carabillo - 33

2nd Class C          Kaleigh Carey - 33

3rd Class C           Liam Downy Wall - 32


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